Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Few New Favs...

As i have shared before we are adding so many products to the store, and as it is always hard for me to pick my favorites these were love at first sight!
Minky Cupcake Applique Throw Pillow

Minky "Daddy's Little Princess" Embroidered Throw Pillow

These o-so-soft minky pillows by Southern Sassy Pants are the perfect addition to any decor as well as make a great birthday or baby shower gift! Be Jeweled Designs is so happy to have them! With personalized monogramming options and fun color combinations each one of these adorable minky pillows are just to irresistible to pass up!

Baby Pink Elephant And Mama Handmade Baby Blanket

Panda Cub and Mother Handmade Baby Blanket

These blankets are o-so-cozy, snugly and easy to care for! Sure to create “Oooo’s and Aaah’s” at any baby shower or simply purchase one for your own baby! These unique blankets add a little something special to everyday use. Creator JenniferG uses crisp color combinations, modern design, amazing fabrics and a dash of fun in each of her custom blankets,stop by the store to view the entire line of JenniferG blankets!

Visit the store to view the entire Be Jeweled Designs line:




Monday, March 24, 2008

Play Time...

This past weekend my fam and i set off on a road trip to Houston...OK it is only four hours away and OK it took us five and a half to get there (honestly how does a little boy have to pee so much, five bathroom stops?!) but it was a trip to us. :) We drove down for the weekend to stay with some friends and had the best time....the kids ran wild for two days and i loved every minute of it! I have a ton of pics to upload but here are a few...
so i guess in front of a smelly sheep pen is a good a place as any to take a family picture! lol.

Brooklyn and I...I love hose happy she looks. She is only three and this tall...granted I am only five two but still!

Stop the press....we are all in a picture together! Who cares if we are all looking at the camera, we all look happy and there fore this is a winner in my book! ha ha.

Coming home back to "reality" was a rude awakening to all the "work" i have to do, don't you hate that feeling?! I have so many new products to share and a giveaway coming up soon as well! But that post will have to be for tomorrow as i hear a box of cookies calling my name. yum!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Newest Art Additions

Introducing Twinkle Star Art prints to Be Jeweled Designs!

These sweet and playful prints are just to tempting to pass up. Each print comes with customizing options such as choosing the girls hair color, texture and style, skin tone and eye color along with adding your little ones name truly making each print a one of a kind creation! My favorites are the three Paris collection prints, they will soon be adorning my daughter's bedroom walls, not even I could resist!
View our entire Twinkle Star Art Collection under Decor at:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tea For Two

It was very much one of those mornings. You know the type…the alarm goes off way to early, your coffee can not brew fast enough and you are wondering why you are heating up your child’s milk rather that their oatmeal. And no matter what you do you cannot seem to get out of that “rut” you woke up in….sigh…what are you going to do though? So determined to shake the “I do not want to be awake right now blues” I put on a tutu (one of my daughters of course, lol) and declared to my three year old “we are hosting a tea party today so we must get Fancy!” Ever bit the princess she is, she jumped up clapped her hands together and rushed off to get her “outfit together”…. O how a tea party can change your morning…. I did not care that it was ten AM and we were having cupcakes for a morning snack…. cupcakes smothered in chocolate frosting that it…I looked at her across the table covered in crumbs, smileing ear to ear and just laughed….. today is going to be a good day….

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We LOVE tutus(no surprise there!)! They are fun, playful and o-so-tempting! Here are a couple tutus from Be Jeweled Designs....
Ribbon Trimmed
These ribbon trimmed tie back tutus can be worn traditionally with the bow in the back or change things up and she can wear the bow on the side! Add a little style to her already unique look with a fun and funky pair of Baby Legs!

Fun and playful these tutus are perfect for any occasion. Weather she is hosting a tea party or attending a dance class, she will feel like the princess that she is. A true must have for every wardrobe.


These sweet and far from simple satin tutus have become one of be jeweled designs signature items. These magical and whimsical tutus can transform any outfit or afternoon into a wonderful and magical time. Whether she pairs hers with her favorite pair of stripped Baby Legs and chucks or ballet slippers and a wand these tie back satin skirts will make her feel magical!

Stop by the boutique to view the entire collection!


Be Jeweled Designs Has Gone Blogging!

Welcome to Be Jeweled Designs Blog Spot!
We will be blogging about all of our newest arrivals, sales, give aways and all things Be Jeweled Designs! So grab a snack get comfy because we are going behind the sense.

About Me.....
My name is Jennifer, as of March 17, 2008 i will have been married to the greatest man in the world for seven years. We have two beautiful/energetic children, our son who is 6 and our daughter who is 3. I am a stay at home mom and run my business in between games of tag and Candy Land, and love every moment of it. Yes, my hands are full! I love creating just about anything, painting, scrap booking (i really need to get back on that I am so far behind!), sewing..anything!
I started creating tutus after my daughter turned one and it really was my husband that pushed me to make Be Jeweled Designs grow. He has been noting but supportive every step of the way and now because of his constant reassurance that "i can do it" Be Jeweled Designs has grown into an on line boutique shipping our tutus world wide.

About Be Jeweled Designs....
We believe that every little girl is a princess and that every princess should feel beautiful and magical. And with that, Be Jeweled Designs was born. With each one of our designs we try to incorporate a bit of innocence, a dash of whimsy and a touch of sparkle. Each item is handmade and totally customizable, making every piece as original as the princesses wearing them. Be Jeweled Designs loves custom orders, as we also offer party tutu sets upon request. Let your imagination run free and tell us your ideas!!

My name is Jennifer I am a wife, mother, sister and daughter, but is also an artist. I feel so very fortunate that I am able to be a stay at home mom and raise my two amazing children, and equally as fortunate that i am able to design and sell my own line of girl's fashions at the same time. Inspiration is all around me; the innocence in my daughter’s laugh a silly look from my son, everywhere. I incorporate a piece of everything being a child is about into my tutu and tank designs, innocence, whimsy and magic. Now that I am able to be passing on my delightful and creative designs to you girls of all ages can feel just as magical!