Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Be Jeweled Designs Has Gone Blogging!

Welcome to Be Jeweled Designs Blog Spot!
We will be blogging about all of our newest arrivals, sales, give aways and all things Be Jeweled Designs! So grab a snack get comfy because we are going behind the sense.

About Me.....
My name is Jennifer, as of March 17, 2008 i will have been married to the greatest man in the world for seven years. We have two beautiful/energetic children, our son who is 6 and our daughter who is 3. I am a stay at home mom and run my business in between games of tag and Candy Land, and love every moment of it. Yes, my hands are full! I love creating just about anything, painting, scrap booking (i really need to get back on that I am so far behind!), sewing..anything!
I started creating tutus after my daughter turned one and it really was my husband that pushed me to make Be Jeweled Designs grow. He has been noting but supportive every step of the way and now because of his constant reassurance that "i can do it" Be Jeweled Designs has grown into an on line boutique shipping our tutus world wide.

About Be Jeweled Designs....
We believe that every little girl is a princess and that every princess should feel beautiful and magical. And with that, Be Jeweled Designs was born. With each one of our designs we try to incorporate a bit of innocence, a dash of whimsy and a touch of sparkle. Each item is handmade and totally customizable, making every piece as original as the princesses wearing them. Be Jeweled Designs loves custom orders, as we also offer party tutu sets upon request. Let your imagination run free and tell us your ideas!!

My name is Jennifer I am a wife, mother, sister and daughter, but is also an artist. I feel so very fortunate that I am able to be a stay at home mom and raise my two amazing children, and equally as fortunate that i am able to design and sell my own line of girl's fashions at the same time. Inspiration is all around me; the innocence in my daughter’s laugh a silly look from my son, everywhere. I incorporate a piece of everything being a child is about into my tutu and tank designs, innocence, whimsy and magic. Now that I am able to be passing on my delightful and creative designs to you girls of all ages can feel just as magical!



Cailin Yates 16785083 Arbonne International said...

Hey there and welcome to blogging! I am also a mom to little girls and wish I'd learned to sew decently!! My 9 year old has taken to "design" and we are trying to learn together :)
Your models are darling!

Luv2knit said...

Hi I like your blog. The girls look so cute! Good Luck to you.

Luv2knit said...

Hey, Want to exchange links? Lisa