Monday, March 24, 2008

Play Time...

This past weekend my fam and i set off on a road trip to Houston...OK it is only four hours away and OK it took us five and a half to get there (honestly how does a little boy have to pee so much, five bathroom stops?!) but it was a trip to us. :) We drove down for the weekend to stay with some friends and had the best time....the kids ran wild for two days and i loved every minute of it! I have a ton of pics to upload but here are a few...
so i guess in front of a smelly sheep pen is a good a place as any to take a family picture! lol.

Brooklyn and I...I love hose happy she looks. She is only three and this tall...granted I am only five two but still!

Stop the press....we are all in a picture together! Who cares if we are all looking at the camera, we all look happy and there fore this is a winner in my book! ha ha.

Coming home back to "reality" was a rude awakening to all the "work" i have to do, don't you hate that feeling?! I have so many new products to share and a giveaway coming up soon as well! But that post will have to be for tomorrow as i hear a box of cookies calling my name. yum!

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thelaundryisneverfinished said...

How fun! Those family pictures are priceless. :) I love the last one especially!