Friday, April 25, 2008

Share Our Strength Great American Bake Sale, Update

When i decided to start DFW'S Cup Cakes For Kids Bake Sale , in partner with Share Our Strength Great American Bake Sale i had no idea how "into" it i would become! What started as just a bake sale to raise fund to end childhood hunger has turned into a huge event and i could not be happier! Share Our Strength is such a great organization and it is almost impossible not to try to make my fundraiser the best it can be!
Here is where we are as to date:
We have set our date for May 31, 2008 from 12 - 3pm at McWhorter Elementary School in Dallas Texas. We will have a wide variety of treats for sale from cookies to cakes and muffins to lemon bars, YUM! But there is much more! We will be holding a raffle to raise additional funds as well with some amazing prizes. So many companies have jumped on board and have donated the following to be raffled off:
*$50 gift card to Willow Bend Mall
*$50 gift card to Central Market
*$25 gift card to Sam's Club
* Gift Certificate from Sew Cute Personalized Baby Wear,
* Two adorable head Bands from Twirly Tots Bowtique
*Felt Story Book from Time4Felt,
*Web Kidz Tee Shirt
*Radio Disney has donated a prize pack
*Frisco Rough Riders has donated a Merchandise package
*Be Jeweled Designs will donate one of our Tutus
And we still have a month to go!
In addition to our raffle donations many caring people have made cash and supply donations as well. Such as Laura from Vertical Printing & Graphics, who sent in all the labels and tags we needed, Hobby Lobby donated store credit to purchase needed supplies as well as Kroger.
Our event will host a bounce house and visit from our local fire house complete with their big red truck for the kids to enjoy! I will keep posting updates to let you all know how things are going. If you are interested in any of the items/companies/products that are listed here just leave a comment and i will get back with you.
If you are interested in starting your own bake sale please visit:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just a Little Frosting....

What girl would not love a little extra frosting?
We have added some of the sweetest hair accessories created by Twirly Tots to Be Jeweled Designs! From stylish clippies to fun and classic bows Twirly Tots line of hair accessories is an instant love at first site! Here are a few of my was so hard to choose!! And with each set priced UNDER $8 it will be hard for you to choose as well!
Brown and Pink Clippie Set

Brown and Pink Dot Baby Bow Band

Red Stripe Bow Set

Brown and Pink Sweetheart Clip Set
As if that was not enough hair cuteness, we will be adding Twirly Tots line of "hair puffs" in pink, lavender, and red so keep checking back for new arrivals!
To view Be Jeweled Designs entire hair line:

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Share Our Shrength

What a GREAT organization!!!
I was watching Food Network with my son a couple weeks ago and saw a commercial for The Great American Bake Sale benefiting Share Our Strength No Kid Hungry Foundation. It was explaining how people like you and me can make a HUGE difference in the fight to end childhood hunger just by holding a bake sale. I went on line and did some research and i was hooked.
That day my hubby, two kids and i started DFW'S Cup Cakes For Kids Bake Sale set for May 31. But we are aiming big with a goal of $5000 to raise! We have already partnered with Starbucks, Kroger and Super Target who all say they will either donate $25 gift cards or small items to be raffled off. O yes we are going to have a raffle too, so fun! I will be donating a few items from my store, to be raffled as well as other fun items. We are wanting this to be HUGE and we know it can be. Every dollar raised counts, every effort counts and is seen in the eyes of the children this great organization helps every day.
What great women!
I listed a post about our Bake Sale on the Mom Pack ( one of the best yahoo groups around!) and was flooded with great advice, ideas and a few true angels have taken time out of their lives to jump on board and help how ever they can. Either by going out and buying items we desperately need to make this a success or by looking around their house and sending in what they can. Thank you all so very much to doing your part to end child hood hunger!
Stay Posted!!
I will be doing "updates" our progress with the sale here so keep looking back to see how things are going!
What To Host A Bake Sale Or Help Out Ours?
Leave a comment letting me know you are interested in helping us out and i will contact you back with all our info.! :) Or go to to register and start your own sale or join another team that has already started. It is so easy to get started and worth every moment you put into it!
Have a great day!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Could You Hear It?

O the times we are tested as Mothers....
Today i witnessed to date by far the best tantrum show of my life! Can you believe the sweet little angel you see in the pic below could be anything but sweet?
Lets go back a couple hours shall we....It was time for her bath/shower and she did NOT want any part of it...after some coaxing i finally got her int he shower and all was fine. She was playing, washing her little ponies hair (which i am sure is going to fall out any day due to way to much shampoo) and signing her little songs. When i went to wash her hair it was like a switch went off and crazy Brooklyn came out! lol. She was grabbing her hair, screaming "no, no do not wash my hair it is not dirty!" Mind you there was a chunk of oatmeal that had made a little home in her long hair from breakfast that she assures me she did not put there, ha ha. I finally get the shampoo in and out of her hair and she is happy again...while i am thinking "wow, that was a bit dramatic! Esp. for shampoo." So the time comes to get her out and there is that switch again..that little girl that wanted nothing to do with the shower now wants nothing to do with getting out of the shower. So after few minutes of talking and getting no where i just turn the water off and go to pick her up...she hurls her body to the corner of the shower screaming "i do not want to get out!" over and over, do kids have a reply button?! I pick her up and while i am drying her off and getting her clothes on she is screaming so loud she is gets to a point i just start laughing out of shock of this performance. I swear i really though some one was going to call 911 thinking this poor little girl is in grave danger from the sounds that were coming out of her. Now one would think after all that she would just pass out (it was nap time) O no..she emerges from her room and declares since i made her get clean she is making me come to her tea party! Whoa?! What a morning!
I am sure there are many of you that can relate to that story and probably have your own to share....looking back on it i just can you not? lol.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

All About Style

What is more fun than shopping for your little one? OK besides a Mommy day at the spa...nothing! Lol. I just love these little tops, they are fun, unique and add a little splash of style to your little ones already sassy personality. No to mention they can go with just about anything...i love this tee with a polka dot tutu and slip on converse...
These fun infant tees are a so cute! There are so many characters and colors to choose from!

What i love about the tanks is that they are so customizable-you can basically create your own crystal tank with your little princesses name on it! This tank is great alone with her favorite pair of jeans, shorts or capris or she can pair it with one of our Satin or Poof tutus. There are also set options to choose from as well. Besides the signature crown style there are also crystal surrounded Butterflies, Hearts and "I Heart Cupcakes" styles and all can be made in custom satin colors, does it get any better than that?
As a stay at home Mom who is always looking for that "not off the rack" style for both my daughter and I, I love that there are so many options out there for clothes now. It is easier than ever to create a fun and unique look with classic pieces. One of my favorites right now is a Personalized top, Baby Legs (worn either on the arms or as leg warmers), little slip on converse and a tutu. But not just the huge poofy tutus, tutus that fit more like a skirt that are tied off to the side(with fun ribbons of course!)
Be Jeweled Designs has so many tanks, onsies and tees that it is hard to select just one! Pop on over to the boutique under the "embellished" category to view the entire collection.
Want to see something new at Be Jeweled Designs? Drop us a line and let us know!