Thursday, April 3, 2008

Could You Hear It?

O the times we are tested as Mothers....
Today i witnessed to date by far the best tantrum show of my life! Can you believe the sweet little angel you see in the pic below could be anything but sweet?
Lets go back a couple hours shall we....It was time for her bath/shower and she did NOT want any part of it...after some coaxing i finally got her int he shower and all was fine. She was playing, washing her little ponies hair (which i am sure is going to fall out any day due to way to much shampoo) and signing her little songs. When i went to wash her hair it was like a switch went off and crazy Brooklyn came out! lol. She was grabbing her hair, screaming "no, no do not wash my hair it is not dirty!" Mind you there was a chunk of oatmeal that had made a little home in her long hair from breakfast that she assures me she did not put there, ha ha. I finally get the shampoo in and out of her hair and she is happy again...while i am thinking "wow, that was a bit dramatic! Esp. for shampoo." So the time comes to get her out and there is that switch again..that little girl that wanted nothing to do with the shower now wants nothing to do with getting out of the shower. So after few minutes of talking and getting no where i just turn the water off and go to pick her up...she hurls her body to the corner of the shower screaming "i do not want to get out!" over and over, do kids have a reply button?! I pick her up and while i am drying her off and getting her clothes on she is screaming so loud she is gets to a point i just start laughing out of shock of this performance. I swear i really though some one was going to call 911 thinking this poor little girl is in grave danger from the sounds that were coming out of her. Now one would think after all that she would just pass out (it was nap time) O no..she emerges from her room and declares since i made her get clean she is making me come to her tea party! Whoa?! What a morning!
I am sure there are many of you that can relate to that story and probably have your own to share....looking back on it i just can you not? lol.

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thelaundryisneverfinished said...

OH I'm so glad to hear this. My 3 year old might as well be from another planet lately. He is SO. MOODY. And tantrums? Absolutely! Why do they only talk about the terrible twos? Three is giving me a run for my money!